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This french senior photographer covered several major competitions of French billiards

He proposes on his blog many high definition photographs of our french champions in position of play.

It is the ideal to acquire a good position of our body while taking as example those of our champions.


André BENTOLILA' french blog proposes anecdotes, charts and reports on French billiards.


This blog was réalized by a collector of objects referring to billiards.

You will find in this site many photographs of objects in any kind referring to our passion.



E-Learning, site on French billiards proposed by the European Champion Xavier GRETILLAT (Swiss player) is today:

  • 235 commented videos for more than 179 hours of online training,
  • a 711-page book also translated into English and Spanish,
  • unlimited coaching by email for all members.

The price has not changed: it is only 30 euros per year.

And always the free content, with the book in preview, videos, etc.


This is a french blog which propose a lot of technical reports with systems for one cushion, 3 cushion and 5 tips.

If you want to increase your level at carom billiard, this site needs a visit !



This website of Renaud BERRIN (a Billiard instructor for more than 20 years who offers internships and training in the Rhône-Alpes Region) purpose training data sheets there (by clicking on the 'études' menu).


In the site of the French Federation of Billiard, you can find a lot of informations about carom, blackball, american billiard and snooker.




Patrick Carrière is a specialist of bying, selling, restoration and transformation of old billiards :

  • tombeau billiards ,
  • Charles X billiards ,
  • Napoléon III or Empire billiards


This site offers advice on choosing the right equipment, billiard buying guides, advice on maintaining your equipment as well as billiard lessons or evenings for companies.