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Progress to billiards

You will find on this site a lot of informations about carom billiard.
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The 4 last notes

Willy GERIMONT, explains the principles for properly performing pique shots: position of the body and the feets, choice of the inclination of the cue to obtain the harmony of the course of the balls , ...

I advise you to watch other videos of Willy GERIMONT available on Sébastien ROUSSEAU's Youtube channel.

Published on 17/12/2022 ~ 16:00  | Top

Opposed to Raymund Swertz, San Van Etten achieves the perfect series in the 47/2 balkline match.

Published on 16/12/2022 ~ 19:32  | Top

Xavier GRETILLAT gives some tips to take the rail nurse position.

Published on 16/10/2022 ~ 16:00  | Top

Here is a very nice billiard' system to achieve points of cushion by aiming 1/2 ball or 1/4 ball and adjusting the direction of the player's billiard ball with spin.

This video explains step by step the calculations you need to make to steer your ball.

Here is a summary for the aims and lateral spin:

Published on 30/07/2022 ~ 14:49  | Top



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