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Aim simulator  
In this animation you could see :
  • that we hit the object ball twice as big as the aimed quantity
  • where is the hiting point compared with the aim
To change animation's parameters :
  • aiming : click, move and click the little gray circle
  • distance between balls 1 and 2 : move the cursor key
The red ball will be propeled according to the axis connecting its center to the center of ball 1 before the hit.

The more the balls are close, the more the touched quantity of the red ball will be important, independently of the aim.

On those two sketches, with a distance of 2 centimeters between balls, we see that aiming 1/2 or 3/4 of ball 2 don't change the positions of the 2 balls after the hit.
  • Aiming a quantity of 1/2 ball
visée 3/4 bille proche

  • Aiming a quantity of 3/4 ball
visée 1/2 bille proche

To make easier the shot it is better to reduce the aimed quantity of ball 2
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