Rail nurse

In this situation, the 3 balls are close and you have to play very slowly.


For this, the back hand is located towards the balance point and even forward (towards the center of the cue).

The hand at the front forms a 'loop' so that the front of the cue does not go up due to the chosen balance

américaine au billard


Paul COUESPELL teaches with pedagogy how to play the rail nurse serie at free game:

  • the typical points and their realisation
  • the traps to avoid


Here is a video of Jean MARTY recorded in Egypt in the 1980'.

Jean MARTY explains :

 - some positions to get the rail nurse position
 - how to move the balls in the corners of the billiard' table at free games.
 - the principles to play the line at the balkline' game.


R.C realizes a serie of 100 innings with rail nurse position.

How to take the rail nurse position ?

To take the rail nurse position, Thịnh Kent shows us 24 different solutions on the billiard table.